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g economies in the region, making it an attractive hub for FDI in agriculture, manufacturi▓ng and mining.John Miles, managing dire

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ctor of▓ JMiles & Co in Nairobi, considers construction to▓ be the most popular industry for Chinese investmen▓t in Kenya. Chinese businesses have invested heavil▓y in construction, the upgrading of the coun▓try’s transportation network, property dev▓elopment and in

dustrial parks. Miles added that investment opportunities in trade, agriculture and ▓energy are also gaining popularity.And in Tanzania, Chinese direct investment tends to target the proces

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sing and manufacturing industries, however, there is ▓a growing trend towards large-scale Chinese inv▓estment in construction and mining.Some "m▓inor operational challenges” foreign ▓investors may encounter in Tanzania concern land ownership, which is restricted to Tanzanian citizens. Labor laws also put restrictions on the number of foreign employees a foreign investor can hire in country.Mauritius. In a bid to become the gateway ▓to Chinese investment for Africa, China and M▓auritius signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in December 2017, to open negotiati▓ons on a bilateral free-trade agreement (FTA).According to Martine de Fleuriot de la Colinière, director, and Xavier Koenig, executive at EN

  • government, which continues
  • to encourage Chinese investor
  • s to invest in the country
  • ▓."Now, moving on to Kenya, o
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Safrica in Mauritian capital Port Louis, the deal marks the official initiation of China-Maur▓itius negotiatio

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ns on FTA, which will be the first such agreement between China and African countr▓ies."The MOU also calls for the establishment

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of a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) between the two countri▓es," the two lawyers said. "China is the second-largest trade partner and the la

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